Kitchen Extension

This former council house suffered from a lack of space in the kitchen and poor connection to the dinning room. The extension provides the space for a good sized kitchen and dining area. Roof windows fitted with external shutters provide lots of light to the dining area yet thanks to the remote control shutters and high performance glazing they are draught and condensation free even during the coldest winter evening. High level gable glazing gives the extension a cool architectural note and at same time throws yet more useful daylight and warmth deep into the space. The thermal performance of the whole house is improved by the addition of an insulated render system and increasing the loft insulation. The rear of the house faces south west and so will enjoy afternoon and evening sunlight most of the day, weather permitting. 

As Existing Proposed kitchen extension Interior perspective looking towards dining area. 

Rear of house as Existing. Showing proposed kitchen extension. Interior view looking towards dining area.