Sketchup Ruby Plugins to Download


WinDoor examples

by Francis Mc Shane

WinDoor is a Sketchup plugin which makes it easy to create and edit window and door designs, including combined window and door arrangements. 

Start Sketchup2014 and you should find the 'WinDoor' tool in the Tools drop down menu.
When you have created a 'WinDoor' you can edit it parametrically. Select it, right click on it and select 'Edit WinDoor' from the context menu.
See the video which explains how to use the plugin on YouTube here. You may never need to browse for and download another window, door, roof window or grid component again! 

Please read the copyright notice and disclaimer here before you download and/or use WinDoor.

Install Instructions

Download "opeFMS_Param_Base.rb" and put it in a directory in plugins which you must create and call WinDoor.

Download "WinDoor.rb" and put it also in the WinDoor directory.

Download "windoor_start.rb" and put it in the Sketchup8 plugins directory.

Download myRubyScripts.rb and put it in the Sketchup2014 plugins directory (in Windows7 Home Premium this is C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2014\SketchUp\Plugins). 

For some example windows and doors download "WinDoorExamples.skp" and open it with Sketchup2014 after you have installed Windoor. You should then be able to select a window and right-click and edit it with the 'Edit WinDoor' option from the context menu.

You can download and use WinDoor for FREE. If you find WinDoor useful and find yourself regularly using it you might like to give me a token of appreciation. You can do this using the Paypal Donate button below. Just give whatever you think it's worth. Thank you for your generosity!

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