Proposed extended shop, with apartments and storage at 1st floor level and 2 x 2 storey semi-detached housing with front and rear gardens on top of that again. Shop increased in size from 152m2 to 321m2 (excluding 1st floor storage). Two apartments and four semi-detached houses provided. The semi-detached houses are accessed off an existing service road to the existing Carriffvale Housing development.

In the image, bottom left, the existing Carriffvale housing can be seen behind the existing unaltered shop units. In the image, top left, the proposed semi-detached housing can be seen above and set back over the proposed extended shop.

This planning approval was won in the face of quite stiff local opposition, in particular to the 4 extra semi-detached housing units. 

 View of proposed  Carriffvale Housing

Proposed housing on Carriffvale to the right.